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Our Workers’ Compensation applicant attorneys help our clients with filing their claims for all categories of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Delayed Claim

When an individual has suffered a work-related injury, the legal system requires that the injured party reports injuries immediately and acts fast to pursue medical and financial compensation from the responsible party. Any type of delay in reporting the incident may result in a frustrating and costly delay in receiving medical and/or financial benefits. Because of this, it is essential that you report any injury that may occur in the workplace no matter how small it may seem at the time.

Can you file Delayed Claim ?

If you have been injured while working , you may be able to recover benefits that are designed to cover your medical costs and associated expenses.

Our Expertise

Our lawyers work closely with our clients through every step of the process. We try to secure the recovery of benefits in an amount you deserve.

Are you liable for Delayed Claim ?

In addition to medical expenses and ongoing treatment costs, it is possible to recover monthly disability benefits through Workers’ Compensation if you are disabled by your injury.

Some Answered and Questions

Delayed Workers’ Comp Claims A delayed workers’ compensation claim can mean many things, but most importantly, it means that you will now have to wait even longer for the benefits you need.
Generally, the money an insurance company receives in premiums goes into investment accounts that generate interest. The insurance company retains this money until the time they pay out to a policyholder, so an insurance company may delay a payout to secure as much interest revenue as possible.
Insurance companies take so long to to pay out a claim because they are sophisticated business entities that know you can make money off of interest. … Some insurance companies don’t have enough people working for them. Others hope that by dragging the case out you will give up and go away.

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